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Little Brasstown Baptist Church
Welcome to Little Brasstown

Welcome to our website.  Please feel free to look around and we hope you find all the information you are looking for. The members and staff of Little Brasstown Church welcome you to join us during one of our Worship Opportunities listed below.  Please contact our office at (828) 837-8875 or Pastor (828) 837-7869 with any questions or spiritual needs you may have. To reach us by mail, P.O. Box 12, Brasstown, NC 28902.  To attend one of our Worship Opportunities shown below, our church is located at 6120 Harshaw Road, Brasstown, NC 28902.  Thank you again for browsing the website, we hope to see you at church.

Message from Pastor Aud.

Happy Summer Everyone!!!!

The last message I posted said Happy New Year!  My how the time does fly!  Anyway, here we are in the middle of a very hot summer.  As usual, with all people, there have been ups and downs, heartaches and joys, disappointments and successes these past six months.  Since we fail to get the good news on TV, radio and most often the internet, let me share some good news with you.

We had a wonderful vacation Bible school.  I think there were 235 people enrolled and nine people were saved.  You could just sense the presence of the Lord and a sweet spirit prevailed over the entire church campus.  Adults, children, and youth had a wonderful time at VBS.  In the Sunday morning service following VBS, another one of our kids was saved.  We are soooo blessed!

The youth had a wonderful time at the Big Stuf Bible Camp in Panama City.  Thirty five of us from Brasstown joined wiith about 1300 others from different states to experience tremendous worship and Bible teaching.  one of our youth was saved and some rededicated their lives;  all of us received wonderful spiritual nourishment and fellowship with one another and the Lord.

Amy Carter, Rick and Rebecca have been involved with music camp at Truett camp and 8 people were saved and I think it was 11 people rededicated their lives to God. 

Summer Day camp here at Little Brasstown has been a tremendous blessing for about 35 kids.  It is so wonderful to know that kids who may never have been at church in their lifetime had the opportunity to come to church, hear the word of God and have a good time.  We all are so blessed!!!

It has taken a lot of people praying and working for these good news things to happen.  I just want to say thank you to everyone who has had a part in making these good things happen, and likewise to everyone who participates in all the wonderful effort of ministry that Little Brasstown  Church is seeking to do.  Nevertheless, we give all the praise to God for we know that it is through Him that these good things happen.

I will share more with you later.  As for now keep praying, reading the Bible, and living for God daily.

I love you! Your pastor Aud.

Weekly Worship Opportunities

8:30am Early Service
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6:00pm Discipleship Training & Youth
6:45pm Kids Choir
6:00-6:45 Children's Bible Study
6:00pm Children's Bible Drills (Sept. - May)
6:00pm Children's Bible Buddies (Sept. - May)
7:00pm Evening Service

Tuesday Nights
6-8:00pm Kids Choir

Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm
1st Wed Business Meeting
2nd Wed Brotherhood & WMU
3rd & 4th Prayer Meeting
Every Wed Children's Mission Groups 
Youth grades 7 and up

Wednesday Nights @ 7:30pm 
Adult Choir Practice

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Fridays @ 6:30pm

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