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Little Brasstown Baptist Church
Welcome to Little Brasstown

Welcome to our website.  Please feel free to look around and we hope you find all the information you are looking for. The members and staff of Little Brasstown Church welcome you to join us during one of our Worship Opportunities listed below.  Please contact our office at (828) 837-8875 or Pastor (828) 837-7869 with any questions or spiritual needs you may have. To reach us by mail, P.O. Box 12, Brasstown, NC 28902.  To attend one of our Worship Opportunities shown below, our church is located at 6120 Harshaw Road, Brasstown, NC 28902.  Thank you again for browsing the website, we hope to see you at church.

Message from Pastor Aud.

Happy, Healthy New Year everyone! 

 We are just concluding a very busy Christmas season here at Little Brasstown, as well as a very busy year.  It has been a fantastic year in 2014, and I am expecting the year of 2015 to be even more fantastic.  As soon as I can sit down with the leaders of Christmas Love, I will give you information on the number of families we served through this special project and some idea of the great success of this ministry; right now I think that it was about forty families we served and it seems that a lot of lives were truly blessed.  I, our youth minister Tim, my younger brother Rondall, and Janice Carringer had the special privilege of counseling with each family at the end of their Chrsitmas Love experience.  we were able to experience some of the joy the families were experiencing from being here for Christmas Love--Families were overwhelmed by the love and generosity that you the church bestowed upon them!  However, All of us know that we want any glory and praise to go to God!  We are just thankful that we got to be blessed by having a part in what God was doing for these families.  Thank you everyone for all you did to make Christmas Love a real blessing for a lot of families.

I am challenging everyone to read the Bible through in 2015.  We have done this before, but not in a couple of years.   There is a schedule for reading the Bible through in a years time printed in the Open Window and Daily Bread devotional guides provided by the church.  Many Bibles and other Christian resources have similiar guides.  Make sure that you have one of these devotional guides for each month or each quarter.  Lets read God's word, and lets apply its teaching to our lives.  From doing this before, I know it is a challenge; Satan does not want you to read God's word, so he will rersist you.  Just tell him that you are going to read all of God's word-- and keep on reading!

There are two very important facts for successfully living the Christian life found in Luke 1:37-38.  I preached about these on December 28; I want you to keep them before you for all of 2015 and for the remainder of your life:  1) With God nothing shall be impossible!!!  2)  As Mary yielded her life to God for whatever He wanted to do in her life, even so must we yield our lives to God for whatever He wants to do in and through our lives!  Let's everyone have a most successful 2015 as we believe in God's ability, and yield our lives to Him. 

Pastor Aud

Weekly Worship Opportunities

8:30am Early Service
10:00am Sunday School
11:00am Late Service
6:00pm Discipleship Training & Youth
6:45pm Kids Choir
6:00-6:45 Children's Bible Study
6:00pm Children's Bible Drills (Sept. - May)
6:00pm Children's Bible Buddies (Sept. - May)
7:00pm Evening Service

Tuesday Nights
6-8:00pm Kids Choir

Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm
1st Wed Business Meeting
2nd Wed Brotherhood & WMU
3rd & 4th Prayer Meeting
Every Wed Children's Mission Groups 
Youth grades 7 and up

Wednesday Nights @ 7:30pm 
Adult Choir Practice

Noon Special Prayer Time

Jail Ministry
Tues @ 1:00pm

Nursing Home Ministry
Fridays @ 6:30pm

Radio Ministry

Special Prayer Times
Tues @ 6:30pm 
Fridays @ NOON